Fill your guts up in Fun Factory Food Park! (Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor, Cavite)

Filipinos really do love food. Our “Kamusta? (How are you?)” is synonymous to “Kumain ka na? (Have you eaten?)”. From sour dishes like sinigang, sweet desserts like halo-halo, and the world-famous lechon, Filipinos surely love to fill their guts out. More so, eating with your families, friends, or even neighbors would make eating much more enjoyable. That’s why it is of no surprise to see plenty of food park businesses spawning everywhere; each stall containing a huge variety of food situated in a colorful and vivid venue.

Hence, if you would like to try a new food park and you happen to pass through Bacoor, Cavite, are hungry as hell, and would like to treat your taste buds into some scrumptious food, then you should give Fun Factory Food Park a visit! It’s located in the Revilla Business Park along Aguinaldo Highway near Max’s / Puregold Habay. You can use Waze to locate the food park.

Revilla Business Park

From the Revilla Business Park entrance, a few meters walk and you will see a narrow entrance with robots sitting atop large letters saying “Fun Factory Food Park”. You wouldn’t miss it! Here’s a site map from their Facebook page:

fun factory food park site map
Fun Factory Site Map

It’s kind of rainy when we went to the food park but that didn’t stop us from trying the food inside the food park. Upon entering the food park, the best spots are situated upstairs. There, you would have more space for you and your friends. The only hassle is that you need to go up and down the stairs. You can purchase food anywhere even if the seat that you’ve taken is in front of a particular stall.

Fun Factory Food Park view
View from our table


Fun Factory Food Park view
View from the upstairs table

A robot will gladly greet you in front of the “factory” with a welcoming smile.

Robot says hi
Robot says hi!

We were situated in front of the “Chinese Turo-turo” wherein we ordered my ever-favorite, shark’s fin. Mainly because of my forever love for “Paotsin”s shark’s fin + hainanese rice (for only PHP 70). My companions ordered noodles and shumai. The shark’s fin (PHP 49) tasted better than I expected and was really tasty. You can really feel the combination of dumpling and soy sauce filling your mouth.

Shark’s fin (not made from actual fins of sharks)

We also ordered some roast beef from “Chef Resty’s Roast Beef Carving Station”. It was very tempting to see the roast beef outside. Especially when they’ve started slicing up the beef. You can really see the juices bursting out from the meat. The meal included a side dish (I chose corn & carrots) and rice and it was worth around, if i remember correctly, PHP 150.

After that, we tried some buffalo wings from “CHIX PH” and ordered the classic buffalo. The buffalo wings tasted sweet which we did not expect. We expected the taste to be more like the classic: tangy, and a bit spicy. It was a bit disappointing but it still tasted good. They even gave us the “wings gloves” so that we wouldn’t get our hands dirty. The chicken didn’t come with an additional dip.

buffalo wings pic
Buffalo wings

For the drinks, we found a stall with large glass containers (neat idea!) that is for sharing (unless you are “laway (saliva) conscious”). We ordered the large container for PHP 120 which is just right for the three of us. It was kind of scary to bring it to our table (thanks for the additional fear factor, rain) as the glass containers might fall and shatter.

large glass containers
Glass containers for your drinks (Perhaps, recyled?)

Last but definitely not the least, we also tried the nachos from Senorita which tasted great. The nachos:meat:vegetable ratio is perfect and the cheese really did it work to top it all off. The nacho’s taste was not that special but it still took us no time to finish the whole thing.

Nacho typical nachos, not!

We wanted to try the nitrogen dessert but too bad they were out-of-stock. We better be early next time to try those out. We wanted to try the other stalls (especially the desserts!) as they have plenty to offer but we didn’t have enough time so we will definitely go back! Overall, the experience was awesome (if you have the money and time!) and the lights from the venue really contributed to the atmosphere of fun!

Fun Factory Food Park
Fun Factory Food Park front view

If you would like to visit the food park, it is available from:

  • Sunday to Thursday, 4:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Friday to Saturday, 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Full address (see site map above for a more detailed view):

  • Revilla Business Park, Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Habay II, Bacoor, Cavite (near Max’s Restaurant, PAGCOR & Puregold Habay)

Contact info:

  • +63-916-219-5233

Facebook page:



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